Next level

When you register as a user at Alpacahero, you can do the following, which we are constantly developing and trying to do better. Our focus is on you as a user of Alpacahero.

Register all your gear

Get all your outdoor equipment registered at AlpacaHero.

Make packing lists

With your equipment, you can start making packing lists for adventures. This allows you to easily and quickly save the lists for future use. As well as you always have the lists at your fingertips via your mobile.

More to come!

We at AlpacaHero have a lot of wishes for our future development of our service. Therefore, our best advice is to stay tuned and follow us as we continue to develop a world class service for outdoor people.

It's a new service and still in beta

We are still in the process of starting this service. Therefore, you may experience errors or poorly designed user experiences. We do our best to develop both the service with features and the overall user experience. Thank you for your understanding and happy hiking.